Monitoring and Takedown of Phishing Content

Facts and Figures About Phishing

FraudWatch International has taken down hundreds of thousands of malicious sites. We are a specialist Anti-Phishing company, and this has been our core business since 2003.

FraudWatch International provides a comprehensive end to end solution to mitigate and take down phishing incidents quickly. Our solution includes proactive monitoring and detection and fast take down of the incident. We make our clients ‘hard targets’, reducing the criminals return on investment, making them go elsewhere and target ‘low hanging fruit’ with less protection.

Anti-Phishing Features:

Some features of FraudWatch International’s Anti-Phishing services include:

  • 24×7 Proactive monitoring
  • Domain registration monitoring
  • Premium detection capabilities
  • Proprietary scanning tools
  • Vishing and SMS / Smishing Takedowns
  • 100% phishing site take down success
  • Forensic analysis
  • Innovation development to keep up with trends
  • Specialist security analysts
  • End to end, fully managed solution
  • Fast site take downs – 4 hour median SLA with penalties

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FraudWatch has taken down tens of thousands of phishing sites.

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