Monitoring and Takedown of Phishing Content

We Protect Your Brand and Clients

FraudWatch takes down thousands of Phishing attacks. Our focus is on disrupting the attack in the most effective way – by removing the site that harvests the personal and financial details of your clients. We proactively monitor using our proprietary tools and take down fraudulent content through technical and human interaction with a worldwide network of providers. We provide the best site take down times in the industry, and financially back our commitment to achieve and maintain our Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Understanding Phishing Attacks

Phishing is an attack method used by cyber-criminals to covertly obtain the personal identity data and credentials of consumers through the use of social engineering and employment of malicious software. Social engineering methods deceive recipients into disclosing their credentials (such as usernames and passwords) and/or other personal data by using emails that imitate legitimate businesses and agencies. These emails direct users to log into fake websites.

Phishing criminals are getting smarter, and their techniques are constantly evolving. Their enhanced efforts continue to generate results from phishing, with the criminals focusing their effort where they can get results: emails, hacked websites and hosted sites.

FraudWatch International provides industry leading takedown times, supported by financially binding SLA’s to ensure that Phishing websites are taken offline in the quickest time possible.

FraudWatch International provides industry leading takedown times resulting in less time that your brand is being exposed to criminal impersonation.

FraudWatch International’s Anti-Phishing services include:

  • 24 x 7 Proactive monitoring
  • Domain registration monitoring
  • Premium detection capabilities
  • Proprietary scanning tools
  • Vishing and SMS / Smishing Takedowns
  • 100% Phishing site take down success
  • Forensic analysis
  • Innovation development to keep up with trends
  • Specialist security analysts
  • End-to-end, fully-managed solution
  • Fast site take downs – 4 hour median SLA with penalties

Don’t let your organisation and clients fall victim to Phishing attacks, Contact Us Today!

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