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FraudWatch International is a leader in the Anti-Phishing and Online Brand Protection industry. Founded in 2003, FraudWatch International is a privately owned Internet Security company and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in San Francisco, Dubai and London.

We are good at our job. We guarantee it.

Each month, FraudWatch takes down thousands of phishing sites, Malware sites (command & control, credential drop sites, drive by download), fake Domains, Social Media Profiles and fake Mobile Apps. We provide the best site take down times in the industry, backed with financial penalty SLA’s.

Offering the ultimate in brand protection

FraudWatch Digital Risk protection services protect client brands online from threats including:


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Fraudwatch International are the global leaders
in online fraud protection services

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5 Reasons to Use Our Services

Full Service Offering

FraudWatch International has a full range of services that truly protect your brand against all types of online fraud attacks. Since 2003, we have worked hard at constantly analysing and innovating our tools and techniques to protect our clients.

Rapid Response

Our established relationships with key industry suppliers and social media platforms allow us to offer the industry’s fastest take down service, therefore minimising the impact on your brand’s reputation. We will have the unauthorised mobile app removed from the app stores upon confirmation and request from our client.

Specialist Teams

FraudWatch International maintains online fraud specialist teams in Phishing, Malware, Social Media and Mobile Apps. Our Anti-Phishing team is the best in the business, having taken down thousands upon thousands of phishing sites, and our specialists have in-depth experience to detect and resolve phishing attacks quickly. Our malware specialists are experts in dealing with resolution of malware infections. We have specialist Social Media experts with extensive experience in dealing with brand protection issues arising from social media sites.

Active monitoring

Our teams and systems monitor for malware attacks 24/7, alerting you as soon as criminal activity is detected and confirmed. We also monitor global and localised social media sites 24/7, and alert you as soon as detected criminal is confirmed.

Detect phishing before it occurs

FraudWatch International has developed many proprietary methods for phishing site detection: we do not simply rely on spam traps, but utilise technology developed in-house to assist in the identification of phishing sites. These methods enable us to detect many phishing sites when first viewed, before the phishing emails are even sent by the criminals.

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