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The FraudWatch International Team Approach

FraudWatch International has spent 13 years improving our approach to online brand protection. We’ve found that the most effective way to get the best results for our clients is persistence, and intelligent work performed across the technologies and the people in our business.

The success we achieve on a daily basis for our clients is no accident. The approach we take is one where we never give up on the removal of illegal content for our clients. We take a pragmatic approach to all of our work across all of our teams and ensure we are being as effective as we can at every step.

We continually develop our processes and systems to ensure that we are keeping abreast of the trends in illegal content development and distribution.



Our investment in our people and our technologies has yielded a year on year improvement on takedown times for each of our services and all of our clients.

If you want the best brand protection service for your business and your brands, get in touch with us and let us prove that we’re great at what we do.

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