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CEO Fraud: The Biggest Concerns for Businesses and How to Prevent It

Your Company Is Vulnerable In the digital age, many businesses are concerned about data breaches. Considering that firms in every industry have become victims of hack attacks, this is a genuine concern. However, your company is probably even more susceptible to CEO fraud, because it doesn’t require elaborate hacking skills to pull off this kind of […]

date:  May 07, 2018 comments:  0
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Take Caution Before Entering

Taking Down Phishing in Banking

How Does Phishing Work? Phishing is an attack method used by cyber-criminals to covertly obtain the personal identity data and credentials of consumers through the use of social engineering and employment of malicious software. Social engineering methods deceive recipients into disclosing their credentials (such as usernames and passwords) and/or other personal data by using emails […]

date:  Feb 23, 2018 comments:  0
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Vishing - Scam Calls

Tax Time is Coming and so are the Scams

A Look into Vishing Scams on the Rise In today’s world of online communications there are a number of associated threats. You may think that using an “old-fashioned” way of contacting someone, like a phone call, would be safer. Unfortunately, whilst email scams are still a substantial money earner for cyber-criminals, phone scams are growing […]

date:  Feb 01, 2018 comments:  0
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Social Media Gift Card Scam

Saving Face on Social Media

The rise of social media has been fast and furious and many businesses benefit greatly from having a social media presence.  With the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone, customers can find out about the latest offers or new products that a retailer is spruiking and make an online purchase on the […]

date:  Dec 19, 2017 comments:  0
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Phishing Continues to be a Bank Theft Menace

The oldest Bank in the world, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, has its headquarters in Siena, Italy.  It was originally formed in 1472 as The Monte di Pietà, or Monte Pio, to give loans to the poor from collected donations, and it continues to operate today, making it the oldest bank still in existence. […]

date:  Nov 30, 2017 comments:  0
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Unathorised use of a client's brand

Taking a Gamble on Your Brand

How Much Are You Willing to Wager? The world of online gambling is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose to use online services to seek entertainment from the comfort of their home.  Gambling is ripe for the picking when it comes to fooling users into visiting what “looks like” a legitimate website.  […]

date:  Nov 10, 2017 comments:  0
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The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack

An Energy Company and Its Customers Targeted by Ransomware The Energy Sector is one that has become more popular with cyber criminals over recent years.  Most customers sit and take notice when they get an email from their electricity or gas company, particularly if it involves special deals, or has an invoice attached.  Cyber criminals […]

date:  Oct 16, 2017 comments:  0
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What is… a Dolphin Attack?

A Dolphin attack is a term that has been given to the method of accessing a smartphone without the users’ consent by executing ultrasonic commands. Our Experts Explain Digital assistants, like Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, are becoming more and more popular as the world embraces this new Artificial Intelligence technology, built to […]

date:  Sep 28, 2017 comments:  1
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Android Banking Trojan Now More Sophisticated

In recent weeks, security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have identified a new variant of ‘Faketoken‘, an Android banking Trojan. The new variant, known as Faketoken.q, is being circulated via bulk SMS messages that prompt users to download a picture, when in actual fact, they are downloading the malware. Faketoken.q has the ability to record calls […]

date:  Sep 21, 2017 comments:  0
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