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Remote Worker Cyber-Attacks Increase Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

With a high percentage of office-based workers, around the world, being forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our cyber-criminal ‘friends’ are making the most of this change in work behaviour. They have not missed the opportunity to profit from this situation, and are creating more attacks and scams targeting stay-at-home workers. […]

date:  Apr 09, 2020 comments:  0
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Superannuation fraud in the era of the COVID-19

The Australian government, and many other governments around the world, have recently announced initiatives to allow those in financial hardship to get early access to some of their superannuation funds with little or no tax. This initiative is very attractive to cyber criminals looking to scam their way into people’s retirement funds. It is no […]

date:  Apr 06, 2020 comments:  0
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COVID-19 and privacy. Do we still have our privacy?

 Maintaining our privacy is becoming harder and harder in this digital age and during a pandemic, like the one we are currently experiencing, it may be stripped off us without us even being aware.  Governments need and want to use their citizens’ information in order to stop the pandemic, but where is the line, or in these unprecedented times, should there be one?  Privacy issues in today’s digital era are getting increasingly complex. As more systems [...]
date:  Apr 01, 2020 comments:  0
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COVID19, Cybercriminals and the Dark Web

The COVID-19 pandemic, as we know, has affected countless individuals and businesses worldwide, both in real life and the digital world. Coronavirus related domains are being created at a rapid rate. We will dive into how cybercriminals are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, both in the dark web and the clear web. The COVID-19 pandemic, [...]
date:  Mar 26, 2020 comments:  0
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Charity Scams – The Evil Side of Good Will

Charity scams are a serious problem in Australia and around the world. With costs reaching into the tens of thousands, it sometimes seems little can be done to prevent the betrayal of people’s trust by heartless fraudsters. But that is not the case; there are warning signs and precautionary measures that can be taken to [...]
date:  Mar 20, 2020 comments:  0
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Coronavirus Scams: How to defend against cybercriminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

The spreading of Coronavirus worldwide during the past few months has hurt hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals. Wherever the virus has struck, countless industries have been affected, causing mass shutdowns. As always, cybercriminals almost immediately began exploiting the situation for their own good and started launching cyber-attacks that prey upon the public’s fear [...]
date:  Mar 20, 2020 comments:  0
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TrickBot – Today’s Top Banking Trojan

TrickBot, a banking trojan that has been infecting victims since 2016, is considered by many cybersecurity experts to be one of the top threats targeting businesses. So far, TrickBot has compromised over 250 million email accounts. TrickBot usually propagates via spear phishing emails; typically, using weaponized Microsoft Word or Excel attachments, pretending to be invoices [...]
date:  Jan 30, 2020 comments:  0
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