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Post COVID-19 Privacy Regulations – how will it affect us?

Besides the obvious challenges and confusion we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also facing concerns over who and what personal information we share.  We are being asked to provide personal information to restaurants and hairdressers to assist in monitoring exposure to the coronavirus.  If that is not confronting and confusing enough, […]

date:  May 29, 2020 comments:  0
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COVID19, Cybercriminals and the Dark Web

The COVID-19 pandemic, as we know, has affected countless individuals and businesses worldwide, both in real life and the digital world. Coronavirus related domains are being created at a rapid rate. We will dive into how cybercriminals are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, both in the dark web and the clear web. The COVID-19 pandemic, [...]
date:  Mar 26, 2020 comments:  0
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Coronavirus Scams: How to defend against cybercriminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

The spreading of Coronavirus worldwide during the past few months has hurt hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals. Wherever the virus has struck, countless industries have been affected, causing mass shutdowns. As always, cybercriminals almost immediately began exploiting the situation for their own good and started launching cyber-attacks that prey upon the public’s fear [...]
date:  Mar 20, 2020 comments:  0
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