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FraudWatch International has chosen to take a stand against malicious activity aiming to capitalise on vulnerable people at the time of the Covid-19 world pandemic.

We’ve seen a surge in online threat activity and scam behaviour all aimed at targeting the broader community and have chosen to exercise our company values and utilise our staff and expertise to remove every single verified threat we find or that we have reported to us by the community.

There is no financial benefit to be obtained by FraudWatch International in performing this community service. We simply want to ensure consumers are protected and aren’t burdened by additional threats from scammers and criminals at the time of community and sometimes deeply personal crisis.

This initiative is driven from our CEO and Founder Trent Youl and supported by all of the employees in the organisation who have been mobilised to assist with this initiative. And on this basis, we are more than happy to provide information out through media outlets and speak with any media outlets who are wanting to share this story and spread this initiative out as far and wide as possible.

You can download the official press release for this initiative here.

For all media enquires please contact:

Paula Boyden
Marketing & Communications
+61 409 807 389

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