FraudWatch International Services

With industry leading tools and techniques, we reduce your financial losses, and protect your customers from attacks by phishing websites. Learn more


Detect and disable malware specifically targeting your brand and customers. Learn more.


Protect your brand by identifying and taking down impersonating profiles. Learn more.


Monitor app stores for rogue and unauthorised mobile apps impersonating your brand. Learn more.


Take control of your brand by removing all forms of online brand abuse. Learn more.


Pharming attacks utilize rogue DNS servers to direct consumers to phishing sites. Pharming DNS servers can be identified, analyzed and taken down by our expert team. Learn More.


Vishing attacks, or targeted voice calls and SMS’s to your customers can be taken down by our expert team. Learn More.


Our Analysts can identify, analyse and take down malicious PAC files associated with Pharming and Malware Incidents. Learn More.


Our full suite of Enterprise brand protection products is designed to shield your organisation from online brand damage. Learn More.

Fraudwatch International are the global leaders
in online fraud protection services

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