Anti-Malware Protection & Prevention Services

Monitoring and Takedown of Malware Content

Malware is Constantly Evolving

New generation malware can silently infect the end user, stealing account credentials unnoticed or silently hijacking secure sessions. Criminals are constantly changing their malware techniques, which makes reliance on endpoint malware detection, prevention and protection alone futile. Successful malware protection services must address the following capabilities:

  • A decreasing quantity of signature-based detection rates
  • An increasing number of Malware families, with many emerging variants and generations (ZeuS trojan, Spyeye etc)
  • The ability to quickly detect the Malware
  • An increased level of advancement and sophistication on the part of criminals
  • The possibility of zero day attacks
  • The exploitation of endpoint vulnerabilities, such as blended threats, multiple injection points and vectors

When you couple these threats with the fact that end users are increasingly relying on multiple devices that are outside your control, it’s not hard to see why malware has become such a predominant threat across the business community.

Kill Malware at its Source

FraudWatch realizes that the best malware protection involves disrupting the back-end infrastructure associated with the malware, namely the control and command server and credential drop sites, rendering the infected malware inoperable. FraudWatch uses a variety of anti-malware security and malware prevention tools, including our own state-of-the-art, proprietary anti-malware software, to stop perpetrators in their tracks.

The Costs of Malware

Malware can be extremely destructive to your company brand. Without active monitoring and detection an effective malware campaign can generate:

  • Large financial losses
  • Negative and harmful publicity against the brand
  • Instill mistrust of the brand

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