Brand Abuse

FraudWatch Brand Abuse Advisory and Takedown

FraudWatch International Protects You from Online Brand Abuse, Counterfeit Brands and Brand Impersonation.

The Methods Behind the Brand Abuse

FraudWatch International evaluates potential brand abuse issues brought to us by our clients, to determine the potential of take down or removal of the infringing brand content. It should be noted that not all mentions of a brand can be removed, and we do not censor the internet, however, if a brand or trademark is being infringed upon, FraudWatch International will work to have this removed from the Internet.

What is online brand abuse?

Online Brand Abuse can take on a variety of methods, ranging from brand impersonation and domain name abuse through to illegitimately claiming affiliation with a trusted brand. Online brand abuse can cause:

  • Financial losses
  • Damaged reputation
  • Aggravated customers

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