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Prevent Loss with a Wealth of Knowledge For Your Employees with Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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What is Security Awareness?

For all businesses, the front-line are the employees and their level of security awareness. These employees are not only the face of your business, but they are also your last line of defense against cyber-attacks. It is crucial that they are trained in how to recognize potential online security threats on the internet and social media from criminals who may be trying to use them as the conduit to infiltrate the company’s network and cause havoc.

FraudWatch International has developed an online security awareness and training program that educates employees about the threats that they will come into contact with on a regular basis.

It’s all done within the safety of a controlled environment.

How does cybersecurity awareness training work?

Security Awareness works by sending mock malicious (i.e. phishing, malware, or ransomware) emails to employees, imitating the type of online threats and abuse that they would encounter in the real world, to see which employees might fall victim to the threat. If an employee clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment contained in the simulated attack, they will be redirected to an online training module which is designed to teach them all about the type of threat they just fell for. This will significantly reduce the risk of them falling for the same thing next time – when a criminal might be the one sending them the attack!

Which online threats will staff be trained in?

The Security Awareness Training program includes cyber defense training across a range of areas including (but not limited to):

  • phishing awareness training,
  • simulated malware and ransomware training,
  • invoice fraud, and/or tax fraud.
  • network security training
  • internet security training
  • social media cybersecurity training

As a world leader in brand protection and take-downs, FraudWatch International has launched this service to assist clients by bringing them a world-class, managed Security Awareness training experience.

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