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Strategic cyber threat intelligence forms an overall picture of the intent and capabilities of cyber threats and should let you know at a glance whether your organisation is under threat.

We provide cyber threat detection and cyber threat prevention with a combination of AI-backed automation and expert human expertise. Cyber threat intelligence can be used to prepare, identify and prevent cyber threats before they happen and cause damage. The FraudWatch International Cyber Threat Intelligence product includes 4 core components above and beyond a generic, non-specific cyber intelligence feed:

Structured Threat Posture Assessment

FraudWatch International’s Cyber Intelligence Threat Posture describes the level of threat(s) your business is exposed to in and easy-to-understand way. We use the classic red-yellow-green standards for easy classification. For evaluating the threat posture, we take into consideration our findings from what we see on the ground and multiple other sources.

Trends specific to you – these help you narrow down the threats that count

In the sea of cyber threats targeting every industry it’s important to know which are the ones targeting your specific industry and more importantly, your specific region of the world. Advanced Phishing, Malware and Brand Abuse attacks just to name a few now employ advanced cloaking techniques which means they can only be seen by end customers within certain countries. FraudWatch International Cyber Intelligence helps you understand your overall Threat Posture relative to your industry peers as well as within your geographical region.

Collated and Correlated Threat Data

According to surveys, a staggering 55% of IT security professionals receive more than 10,000 security alerts a day, which makes filtering through these an almost impossible task. Unlike typical cyber intelligence feeds, we combine observations from our Security Operations Centre, human analysis from both Open Source and Dark Web sources from around the world in multiple languages to summarize the dangers relevant to your business. This cuts out all extraneous noise and lets you focus on the threats that count.

Actionable intelligence provides a clear plan of attack

We not only give you context to the security alerts that you should focus on, we also add realistic recommendations that you can use to mitigate your internal and external weaknesses. For external threats, FraudWatch International’s other products can help to protect and defend your brand.

Actionable Threat Intelligence that protects your brand

FraudWatch International has a dedicated team that collects, analyses and interprets threat intelligence data from across the globe, including hard to reach places like the Dark Web. Our analysts compile information using manual and programmatic tools and create human assessments of threats and threat actors to provide you with a consistent set of actionable intelligence that you can use to protect your business and your customers.

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