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DMARC Services & DMARC Monitoring With a Difference

What is DMARC?

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. It is basically an email-validation and reporting system built on top of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail).

DMARC provides domain owners with control over how unauthenticated messages should be handled by a receiving mail server that supports DMARC. When an email is received from a domain that has a DMARC entry in place, and the sender’s mail server is not on the SPF list or the email’s DKIM signature cannot be verified, this indicates that the email domain has been ‘spoofed’ for phishing or spam, and the email will be discarded by the receiving mail server in line with the instructions in the DMARC policy. This can include dropping the email, quarantining it, or notifying the domain owner about the attempted message.

DMARC has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world like PayPal, Facebook, and JPMorgan Chase to help them combat email spoofing and fraud conducted using their domain.

DMARC is dependent on the receiving mail servers being compliant with, and participating in, the DMARC process. Most of the world’s largest mail providers do this already, and private providers and large corporations are steadily coming on board with this standard.

Benefits of FraudWatch International’s DMARC Services for Protection & Monitoring

DMARC will help your company protect itself from online fraud and greatly improve your detection of spear phishing or phishing campaigns that have been sent out using your legitimate domain as cover. When an email is sent that has ‘spoofed’ your domain, a message will be sent back to your servers and FraudWatch International, containing information about the email impersonation. From here we will be able to investigate the matter, to ensure that someone isn’t using your domain without authorization.

Why choose FraudWatch International for DMARC Protection & DMARC Monitoring?

Mitigating speed is a very important part of mitigating the impact to your brand. Receiving information as it happens, as opposed to waiting for one of your clients to inform you, is the key to getting in front of any issues that might arise – both from a public relations and a technical mitigation perspective.

We provide Comprehensive Reporting

As part of our DMARC Protection product, we provide a rich set of reporting through our online client portal. These reports include:

  • Aggregate Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Domain Summaries
  • Incident Summaries
  • Recent Senders
  • GEO-located Senders

How DMARC Protection Works

DMARC monitoring service infographic

Once a DMARC record has been successfully created and correctly implemented (involving whitelists), criminals will no longer be able to spoof your domain, providing greater protection to your customers, employees, and organization.

Act Quickly

When you need DMARC services or DMARC monitoring, FraudWatch International acts as your outsourced advisors to help determine if your brand is being misused by email and is completely equipped to take action on your behalf if and when it occurs.

Combined with our exceptional relationships with third-party providers and our reputation for excellence and accuracy, we can effect takedowns quickly.

DMARC With a Difference

FraudWatch International is uniquely positioned to provide the monitoring and reporting services for DMARC like most other providers with the added benefit of taking immediate action on offering content. This means that from the time an item is detected as malicious, our takedown teams can start working on the incident immediately.

Contact us today to prevent loss from within your company.

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