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Enterprise Brand Protection Suite

For the most comprehensive online fraud protection, FraudWatch International provides a fully managed Enterprise Brand Protection Suite.

Enterprise Brand Protection Suite protects organisations and their customers around the world against online brand-related abuse (including Phishing and Malware attacks) and protects the Social Media and Mobile Apps channels from abuse.

Take Control Don’t Leave Your Brand to Chance

It takes years to develop a solid, trustworthy brand. Over those years, customers have come to trust and embrace your brand. Don’t allow fraud attacks to erode and diminish the value of your brand – take back control. Customers trust and expect that your organisation will protect them from fraudulent activity.

Your brand is too valuable to allow malicious criminals to lessen its value overnight.

Incident Response

Have the industry’s fastest response team on your side.

Forensic Threat Analysis

Every incident undergoes our rigorous forensic analysis to determine the mechanisms and systems used. We use this information to innovate and develop new techniques and tools to mitigate online fraud risks in the future.


Through our active analysis of incidents, FraudWatch International has developed a multitude of proven industry-leading techniques and tools to mitigate the risk and losses of online fraud. Ask us about our latest developments.

Site Take Down

We are proud of our industry reputation of having the fastest site take downs. Our dedication to this service and early resolutions produce real cost benefits for our customers. Ask us about financially binding SLA’s.

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FraudWatch provides a complete brand protection service for clients.

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