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Protect Your Customers from Fraudulent Mobile Apps With Mobile App Security Services

Mobile Apps Monitoring

Avoid unauthorised and fake Mobile apps from impersonating your trustworthy brand for the purpose of fraudulent activity with our application security services.

With the enormous uptake of mobile apps, a new channel for online fraud has emerged. Unauthorised Mobile Apps that impersonate a brand and entice users to download and install them on their mobile devices.

Mobile Apps can be used maliciously and some contain malware. These can be used to:

  • Send login credentials to a criminal
  • Allow for browser sessions to be hijacked
  • Take control of the mobile device, or
  • Facilitate “man in the middle” attacks

The Costs of Unauthorised Mobile Apps

An unauthorised mobile app taking advantage of a well-known brand can:

  • Create a negative experience for the end user
  • Impact on the brand’s reputation
  • Incur financial losses through credential theft

For enterprise mobile application security services reach out to Fraudwatch International.

“Early detection and take down of unauthorised apps will minimise the number of downloads and ultimate abuse of a client’s brand.” Trent Youl, Director, FraudWatch International

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