Phishing Data Feed

Comprehensive, up-to-date and human verified data feed

Protecting users from Phishing URL’s

On average, phishing sites remain active for 5 days before they are shut down. Some phishing URL’s are moved through different hosts, with multiple take downs and reactivations. During this time internet users should be protected from this fraudulent activity.

Who needs the Phishing Data feed?

  • (ISP’s) Internet Service Providers
  • Web Host Companies
  • Content filtering vendors
  • Internet security vendors
  • Spam filter vendors
  • Free software vendors
  • Network Administrators

The Phishing URL Data Feed is utilised by a wide variety of companies, that all have the same common goal— protecting end users from the rising incidence of phishing attacks and Internet fraud.

FraudWatch provides secure, accurate, real-time data

The FraudWatch Phishing Data Feed is an inexpensive, real-time data feed of confirmed phishing URL’s used as a ‘block list’ or ‘black list’. The data feed enables companies to protect end users from phishing attacks by blocking or alerting users when they are directed to a phishing site, or receive an email containing a phishing URL.

Automated & Secure

The feed is delivered on a secure platform, downloaded by clients at regular intervals. The feed can be automated from the clients end to allow a direct plug in to client systems.

  • Alert end users if they attempt to visit a known phishing site,
  • Block known phishing sites,
  • Filter and block email spam that contain a phishing URL,
How is the Data Feed Compiled?

FraudWatch International, a leader in the Anti-Phishing market, compiles the Phishing URL Data Feed from a number of proprietary methods. Our data feed remains current and relevant, and is updated regularly with the latest phishing threats.

Checked daily and 100% Human Verified

FraudWatch International monitors all URL’s within the Phishing Data Feed and are 100% human verified and are checked daily for legitimacy and accuracy, thereby reducing the inclusion of false positives.

A large number of phishing URL’s are hosted on hacked web sites. When a URL is removed from a hacked site, the vulnerabilities that allowed the site to be hacked may not be fixed, allowing the phishing URL to be reinstated.

Domain names registered and used in phishing attacks can be deregistered and used for legitimate purposes. The monitoring process employed by FraudWatch International detects any changes to listed phishing URL’s, which are reviewed daily to determine their legitimacy for inclusion in the FWI Phishing Data Feed. When it is confirmed that a URL is being used for genuine purposes, it is removed from the database and clients are notified. This reduces the risk of the inclusion of false positives.

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