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Providing the fastest DMCA and site take down time in the industry.

Fast Site Take Down and DMCA Take Down Services To Minimise the Impact of Online Abuse

FraudWatch provides the fastest site take down times in the industry, for phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse sites. We also provide a rapid DMCA takedown service that is unrivalled.

Depth of Experience

FraudWatch International has taken down tens of thousands of phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps and brand abuse sites and provides the fastest industry take down times. We will also perform mitigation services whilst the site is live to minimise the reach and effectiveness of phishing sites.

Rapid Response

Our established relationships with key industry suppliers allow us to offer the industry’s fastest take down service, therefore minimising the impact on your brand’s reputation. Our relationships with social media platforms allow us to offer the industry’s fastest takedown service, minimising the impact on your brand’s reputation. We will have the unauthorised mobile app removed from the app stores upon confirmation and request from our client as well as a rapid DMCA takedown service.

Active Monitoring

Our teams and systems monitor for malware attacks 24/7, alerting you as soon as criminal activity is detected and confirmed. Our take down services also monitor global and localised social media sites 24/7, and alert you as soon as detected criminal is confirmed.

Detect Phishing Before it Occurs

FraudWatch International has developed many proprietary methods for phishing site detection: we do not simply rely on spam traps, but utilise technology developed in-house to assist in the identification of phishing sites. These methods enable us to detect many phishing sites when first viewed, before the phishing emails are even sent by the criminals.

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FraudWatch provides a complete brand protection and DMCA takedown service for clients.

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